Fashion News

Cara Delevingne is named the new Contributing Editor at Love magazine.


Modeling doesn’t seem to confine Cara Delevingne. The exact opposite! After her successful career in photoshoots and runways, the model has also become a social-media star as well as an up-and-coming actor. It seems though that it’s about time she turned into fashion once again, exploring a new path and working on the other side of what she’s already worked on, being an editor.

Katie Grand, LOVE magazine’s editor in chief, first shot Cara in 2009. The magazine shares 5 covers as well as a long-lasting relationship with the model ever since. That’s why Katie asked Cara to collaborate. And the first news of this great collaboration will hit the stands in the 9th of February, when the spring issue of the magazine will be published and Cara will guest-edit its style titles. But we’ll also be able to see Cara’s abilities in articles and interviews as well, as the issues succeed one another.