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4FASHIONSHAKE III: Poetry in Motion, Teaser

4FASHIONSHAKE III-Poetry in Motion
A first glimpse of what will take place on April 6 at THEATRON Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos

In slow motion. We trust a repeating pattern. We doubt the momentary stability of space; since everything is here and somewhere else at the same time. The gradual transition of movement, the elongation of time and space is present and absent at the same time. Like in a dream, almost hypnotized we explore the infinite worlds that are hidden behind the smallest of movements.

Participating in the big night paying tribute to fashion and modern art is artist Hormazd Narielwalla, London base design duo Sibling, aptform designed by Tokyo based Greek designer Michail Gkinis, Greek designer Lukia. Parallel to the event Una Burke’s, Ioanna Kourbela’s fashion films will be projected and May Roosevelt will perform live her music track ‘Chasm’, that accompanies 4FashionShake III’s teaser video.

The video was directed by Dimitris Tsatsoulis at Semiramis Hotel.

Hair, Make-up: Stella Mavrodi (D tales)
Styling: Charalampos Nikolaou
Styling Assistant: Vicky Florou
Models: Panayiotis Mitsakos, Pavel, Rachel (VN Models Management)