ΑTOPOS CVC + Alex Mattsson


Atopic Bodies is an ongoing project exploring the eccentric and unregistered ways the human body reinvents itself today. In Atopic Bodies [SEVEN]: The Gliptolithic Nation ATOPOS CVC works with the designer Alex Mattsson in a workshop that will become a performance, related to the exhibition ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion at the Benaki Museum.

Alex Mattsson will create original masks in an interactive workshop with visitors’ participation. These masks will be presented and form part of the performance Atopic Bodies [SEVEN]: The Gliptolithic Nation that will be realised on Saturday night, July 9th in the exhibition ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion.

Alex Mattsson is inspired by the Gliptolithic man, an extraterrestrial that came from the Pleiades constellation on Earth during the age of the dinosaurs and that left behind him thousands of gliptoliths as an evidence of his existence, which were discovered in the early 1960’s by Dr. Cabrera in Peru. Especially for Atopic Bodies [SEVEN], the Gliptolithic man’s descendents, The Gliptolithic Nation will become alive out from time’s absolute darkness and will slip among us proposing an alternative universe.

Workshop: 12:30-18:00 | Performance: 20:30-21:30