Kissing Strangers,
is the name of a music project by Spyros Panagopoulos, which is inspired by a period of ‘trips’ and experiences from the Athenian night as well as by a series of genres and sounds over the years (Pop, House, Disco, Folk, Soul, Funk). This is a recipe which he uses for both productions and Dj sets.

The main feature of the project is, as the name implies, the sensuality and spontaneity of an acquaintance. Pure sexual chemistry. These are the elements and the vibe he tries to pass through the events he organizes in Cantina Social bar or as a guest in various parties/groups around Athens (Yes it does, Amateurboyz, Flippin Radio).

In September 2012 Kissing Strangers made its debut with an edit on Sade’s “Soldier of Love”. Later in 2012-13 he released 3 productions of his own conception (Midnight Caravan, Love Inside, Using You). In April 2013 the choreographer Trajal Harell from New York selected and included some of his productions in a performance in the Museum Of Modern Art in New York, named “Used, Abused And Left Out To Dry”.

Kissing Strangers Mixtape For Ozon Magazine

8 favorite tracks have been carefully selected for Ozon Magazine. For Kissing Strangers all these tracks represent the style and vibe he tries to give to his sets, in a sensual summery mood. Last but not at all least, the latest Kissing Strangers production “Midnight Caravan”.


1.Bobby Vinton – Sealed with a kiss
2.The Crusaders – Spiral (Andy Hart Edit)
3.Tanner Ross – Frequent Flyer feat. Jules Born
4.Miguel Campbell – Beams Of Light (Original Mix)
5.Al Johnson – I’m back for more
6.Jim Morisson – Ghost Song
7.The Gaslamp Killer – Nissim with Amir Yagmai
8.Kissing Strangers – Midnight Caravan

We leave the rest to the music . Stay tunned for more at the following links:

www.soundcloud.com / kissing-strangers-oh-yes

FACEBOOK: Sp Ps Kissing Strangers