OZON #112: Where Is My Mind?

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“Where Is My Mind?” is the track that has inspired our latest issue, and this is what we are all questioning ourselves. Summer is over and we all have to get back to our routine. But, yet, for some time, our minds will still be refusing. However, our new issue marks another new creative season, hopefully full of collaborations with young people, who want to fill our everyday lives with ther talents, ideas and are inviting us to meet them, in the OZON Raw way.

adidas has also picked this issue, to present the ambassadors of its new model, Tubular, Konstantinos Rigos, Ioanna Chatziandreou, Dimitris Petrou, Dimitris Tsigos, Georgina Liosi and Panos Georgiou, who express their thoughts towards the future of design.

Moreover, in this issue:

1. Bureau Tonic, the new Parisian brand, which mixes its influences from architecture and minimalism of the 20th century in its designs, talk of their inspiration, and the quick response of the fashion industry to them, globally.

2. Fotis Smouklis and Kimonas Patsios, or else CUTCUUTUR, present their brand, comment on how architecture lead them to fashion design and much more.

3. Actor Thanos Tokakis, shortly before the new theatrical season, talks about how the Dimitris horn award has changed his life, his collaborations and his thoughts towards the possibility of leaving Greece.

4. Zachos Varfis merges his two loves, architecture and skate and presents Latraac. This is where you will find everything you need to know about the new construction that will change the Athenian skate map.

5. Days before the completion of the Santorini Arts Factory, Project Removement, we present you how we experienced it, during our visit.

6. Animal cchose Charis Nisiotis as its new face and the BMX rider shared with us all his thoughts about his career and his thoughts about the future.

7. Polygrains, or else Vassilis Moschas, is inviting us to his electronic sound’s universe, in London.

8. Soulland, a only-menswear brand, proves why Scandinavian design is so successful.

9. Leon Segka takes a break from his travels all around Europe and his new project, Homcore is the perfect reason to stay in Athens, for more than usual.

10. The team behind the male grooming brand Hommer, talk about the idea behind the brand’s creation, and their philosophy.

And last but not least, Yorgos Mavropoulos, Haralampos Giannakopoulos and Nikos Papadopoulos shoot three different stories, inspired by the Pixies track.

And this is where we will be leaving you, with our feet on the air and our head on the ground, ready for another season.

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