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Salomon presents X-series


Salomon wants to transfer the company’s legacy and spirit into the runners’ daily work out and presents X-series. A trail running footwear series that allow and at the same time motivate runners to leave their daily concrete route and search for the adventure and joy offered by the technical running trails. Salomon describes this break through the ordinary routine with the term CITYTRAIL ™, meaning the way that someone can have a little bit of the mountain’s freedom  using only the land and features found in the cities. The neighborhood’s stairs, subways and a passage from a nearby park can easily increase the interest in every workout.

Cristelle Robert, Salomon’s Category Manager says about this: “CITYTRAIL ™ is the escape of the daily routine that allows people to get away from the monotony of their everyday lives and explore the city they are living and working in, just like they would do at the paths of a mountain.”

X-series CITYTRAIL ™ includes three models, each one designed to meet the needs of each runner.  The X-Wind Pro addresses to the runners who have large workout load and need more protection. The X-Scream addresses to those with medium to large workout load who require flexibility and better ground feel while the X-Tour is ideal for the new runners who would like to explore their city for the first time.