Pap(i)er Fashion @ Museum Bellerive

PAP(I)ER FASHION is the fourth stop of “RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion”, a concept that Cultural Organisation ATOPOS put into practice. After its successful presentation at Benaki Museum in Athens (2007), MUDAM in Luxemburg (2008) and MoMu in Antwerp (2009), starting from tomorrow it will be presented in Bellerive Museum in Zürich.

Paper as a clothing material in different cultures and historical periods is all what this exhibition is about, highlighting the paper fashion phenomenon that blew away the US in the late 60s. At PAP(I)ER FASHION we will see a choice of ATOPOS’ collection and some of the most noteworthy contemporary designers’ creations, while Gouache on Yellow Pages Dress by famous artist Howard Hodgkin will be presented for the first time.

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Museum Bellerive, Höschgasse 3, Zurich
Until August 1st