Antigone Model by: Georgia Sagri @ KW in Berlin (3-5/7)

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Antigone Model is designed on Bertold Brecht‘ s manual Antigonemodell 1948, in turn created Friedrich Hoelderlin‘ s translation of tragedy Antigone, written by Sophocles around 441 BC. The third edition of Antigone Model is conceived specifically for Berlin at KW and it is taking  cue from the first edition that was performed in New York and the second edition presented in Athens, 2011. The dramatis personae are illustrated through mimetic models that are repeated and re-used. Their postures and gestures arrive from different media sources -images, photos, cinematic fragments, movie clips, texts, ads, entertainments, rumors, classics, pops, best of’ s, behaviorisms, clichés- which during the performance form sequences, soundtracks and remixes in an on going process.

Antigone and everything that she representsthe myth, the tragedy, the sister, the child, the woman, the taboo, the power, the guilt, the love- from a different perspective. So, if you happen to be in Berlin these days… Antigone Model will be on view from July 3rdJuly 5th -regular hours- @ KW part of the show Relaunch. The performance will take place on Thursday, July 4, from 3-9 p.m..

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