All Sex And The City Stories Were Real!


According to one of the main characters and actresses of Sex and the City, Cynthia Nyxon all of these amazing stories are true! Every single one of them is  real and you can watch it during your favourite show!

Every single crazy – for some people- story  of Sex and the City is true – for example the scene that Samantha can’t have sex with her boyfriend in his swing because she had to have an HIV test. “Even for the most crazy scenes or whole stories that happen in the show, that seem to be fantastic, the writing team had a basic rule accordig to which  they couldn’t write an episode whithout anybody of them had joined it before” Cynthia Nyxon says.

The famous actress, who is promoting her new film “James White“, talked about what she thought that made the show such a big success. “It was amazingly well written and very complicated in a way.” She also, described the wedding that they attend during the fifth season in the Hamptons and she said that the scene was as magical in real life as it seemed in the show.

*Words by Natali Charpantidi