Why was Johnny Depp Almost Fired from the “Pirates of the Carribean”?


There is no denying that the “Pirates of the Carribean” film series would have been much different, had not it been for Johnny Depp. What if the movies had another leading actor, given the fact that Disney wanted to fire him?

Disney executives were not happy with Depp’s eccentric performance and looks, while filming the first movie. As he has stated multiple times, he was inspired by The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

“They couldn’t understand what I was doing. You know? To the point where Disney wanted to – wanted to fire me. They didn’t understand the character. They were actually contemplating subtitling the film.”, and he managed not to get fired after having a chat with one of them “You’re right, you should fire me – but you’ll have to pay me for my time”.

Luckily, this never happened and nowadays, Johnny Depp’s performance as the eccentric, alcoholic, but brilliant pirate Jack Sparrow is one of his top acting moments. Add to this, his Oscar nomination in 2003, and the fact that the movie turned into a Box Office hit for Disney.Τελικά αυτό δε συνέβη ποτέ και πλέον ο ρόλος του Johnny Depp ως του εκκεντρικού, μέθυσου, αλλά πανέξυπνου πειρατή Jack Sparrow αποτελεί μία από τις κορυφαίες στιγμές στην καριέρα του. Μάλιστα, ο ρόλος αυτός του χάρισε υποψηφιότητα στα βραβεία Όσκαρ του 2003, ενώ στην Disney πολλά κέρδη.