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Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015: Back to Basics


Sneakers are everywhere. Even at Dior and Chanel, even though unexpected. For Alexander Wang though, a brand based on the American designer’s street and sportswear philosophy, playing with this new trend is almost imperative. He chose however to do it in a surprising way.

He used classic sneakers models, like Adidas’ Stan Smiths and other, to present a collection, that had nothing in common with his recent past. It made no reference to his previous collection, that clothes aimed at making women not look sexy at all. His goal this time was to insert a new dimension to sneakers and their real essence. They are more than just an everyday shoe. They are a way of living, like our clothes. They present who we really are. And streetwear is a part of Wang’s DNA.

It is however wnriched, after his hiring as Balenciaga’s art director. There is no doubt he has been influenced; it can’t happen otherwise. It showed in some foms he presented, such as the pants towards the end of the show or his dresses. They are looking towards the future, but they are taking advantage of the present. Wang has always been ahead of his era. And as we are looking forward to his collaboration with H&M, he has to prove it. For obviouw reasons.

And he did it pretty well. He presents his real identity. The one he used to show at his begining, when he would design only for his homonymous brand, and T by Alexander Wang did not exist yet or Nicolas Ghesquière was still the head designer of Balenciaga. He returned to his past, not beacuse it is what he does best, but because he feels himself. He feels more comfortable than ever. And it showed.

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