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Versus x Anthony Vaccarello: a Perfect Match


Versus was presented for the first time during the 90s. Donatella wants to reinterprete the brand and its philosophy, and over the last years, she is asking of designers -add singer M.I.A. to them- to work with and present capsule collections. This time, there was one more change to that, since the show was held during the New York Fashion Week.

It was Anthony Vaccarello Donatella Versace’s guest. The Italian-Belgian designer, known for his -sometimes extremely- revealing cuts, presented a series, representative of both himself, and house Versace. His beloved leather was absent, for the most part. But the meander was there. Either gold or white, applied either as a part of his prints or as the sole ornament to his creations. He was never lost in the maze of the Versacian extravagance. He took advantage of the given facts instead to proceed his own minimalism, who can reveal and hide at the same time.

What if there were Balmain elements for some, too? This means, they have forgotten what Versus really is. Versace’s young series, where revealing is fundamental to every creation. And Vaccarello matches to the brand’s philosophy. He did not adhere to it, blindly, because he didn’t need to. It is his own, too. He found the balance between his minimalism and Versace’s exorbitance, in a really unique way. It was what it should have been, an Anthony Vaccarello collection for Versus. Wise choice!

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