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HEX “Legion” Collection


“Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional?” said Charles Eames, the designer who involved with architecture, toys, films, books and photography, years ago. On that quote is now based the philosophy of every collection of HEX carry-on bags, which aims to create timeless premium quality products for modern living. The most recent HEX success is their new collection, named Legion, which is a 7-piece selection of bags and sleeves. The Legion Collection is the newest in HEX’s line of award-winning products and features a new fabric treatment with classic outdoor color cues to carry and protect your devices with style, giving an urban- chic attitude.

“The Legion Collection is one of our best yet,” says co-founder, Dan Maravilla. “We put a new spin on a classic outdoor color palette that looks modern and clean, but will age with use to achieve an heirloom patina”. To justify all the above, we have to say that the new collection features water resistant, premium canvas-twill outer shell in classic fatigue green. Waxed and treated to wrinkle, it is designed to wear and age with use to provide a time-worn look and feel. HEX pairs this with surplus grade cotton web strapping and interior micro fleece lined pockets for ultimate device protection achieving both looks and performance.

* Words by Kristel Liakouhex-legion-alliance-lifestyle