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New Autobiography by Vivienne Westwood


Although time has passed since punk’s birth and aging is a matter of fact for Vivienne Westwood, she won’t stop being creative. That said, Westwood has written her biography herself, with a bit of help from writer Ian Kelly. The book is coming out tomorrow, at the 9th of October entitled just like her name.

Westwood is a successful, strong persona, active in global fashion industry and she has been a role-model for many people as she is fashion designer, activist and played an important role in the punk music scene. The book spans Westwood’s life so far, from her birth during the Second World War to her extraordinary life. Important chapters in her 464-paged-book are the relationship with the musician Malcom McLaren and the days she was designing clothes for their SEX boutique on the King’s Road, the days of political activism and her relationship with Sex Pistols.