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The “Fantastic Four” of the New Dior Campaign!


Oliver Sim from The XX, Alain-Fabien Delon – the youngest son of Mr. Delon, Victor Nylander – the face of Dior Homme for 2011, and the artist Rinus Van de Velde, all four star in the new advertising campaign of Dior for SS16. And they are all tip-top!

“Occupying a contemporary, creative world, each character embraces qualities they are known for in their actual lives. These are the men we feel embody something of the spirit of Dior Homme today”, Dior’s creative director for years now, Kris Van Assche, said about those four men. The truth is that the new Dior ad is every bit as good as the previous ones:

Oliver Sim needs no introduction. Three people – two albums and a standard X on the cover. We look forward to the release of the third album – which, as they say, will be different from the previous two.


Alain-Fabien Delon, as his name suggests, is the youngest son of Alain Delon (and Rosalie Van Breemen). Half Dutch, half French, with an apparent resemblance to his father, he has appeared in Gucci’s catwalk show and he has not forgotten to make his first appearance on the big screen.


Danish model Victor Nylander booked his first big job few days after he decided to become a model. He was already the face of Dior Homme in 2011. Since then, he hasn’t stopped working for the fashion house.


Rinus Van de Velde is a Belgian artist, who studied sculpture, then began to paint and then decided to paint only with charcoal. His paintings are always based on photos that he creates and shoots himself.


As the lyrics of the song in the ad imply (“Stranger in a room” by Jamie XX): “cause here under the blue lights, there’s always someone I’ve wanted to know”.