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4FASHIONSHAKE III ‘Poetry in Motion’ Wednesday 6th April @ THEATRON, Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos

Only few hours left before the third 4FASHIONSHAKE, which will take place tonight at “THEATRON”, Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos. It is a fashion event aiming to shake up the current outdated features of Greek fashion events. It is acting as an open platform for new creators by suggesting different ways of connecting fashion with modern art.(by invitation only please)

Hormazd Narielwalla
Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother

Daniel.K.Schweitzer Hormazd
Hormazd Narielwalla is about to present at 4FASHIONSHAKE III his collage-drawing collection entitled “Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother”, inspired by fashion lover Diane Pernet, who will attend 4FASHIONSHAKE III as a honorable guest.
Narielwalla brings this iconic fashionista to life using images of paper dresses from the ATOPOS archive; pattern drafts extracted from a Victorian pattern-cutting book (London College of Fashion archive); and discarded Savile Row patterns of men who are long dead.
The drawings are made-up of various pieces, generated from different sources but all have a common thread – they were and are all made up of paper.

aptform / Michail Gkinis
Michael Gkinis

Michail Gkinis, born in Thessaloniki/Greece, after graduating from London College of Fashion in 2004, came in touch for the first time with Japan as an intern next to Issey Miyaki. While residing in Tokyo, the Greek designer managed to establish himself at the Japanese scene of fashion launched in 2008 his own label. The message he portrays in his clothing is ‘form follows function’ by the Bauhaus art movement and he aims to create meaningful clothes with a Raison d’ etre. Using natural and industrial environment, human values and the space within as fundamental inspirational engine the brand’s philosophy can be summed up under the ‘Wear-feel better-think-better-act better’ motto.
For the collection ‘Movement 7- Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty’ A/W 11-12, Aptform focuses on handcrafted futurism and useshigh tech textiles, hand-knitted leather and knits along with unique techniques that create a dynamic collection by Michail Gkinis.


Willem Jaspert & Stephen Langmanis ‘Darn the Boozer’ film for London-based knitwear label Sibling gives you the essence of their A/W 2011 Collection in a few moments. Since their launch back in 2008 Sibling, a collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery has been spreading six impressive men’s knitwear collections from USA to Asia and Russia. Their subversive designs have been evolving year after year, using classic motives, sketches, disturbed lines and geometrical designs, that shape tailored school blazers, biker jackets and fox-trimmed, mink-lined parkas due to their excellent knitting techniques.

Úna Burke
Una Burke

The Irish designer explores the relationship between fashion, art and phychology and continually aims to create leather objects which are both visually captivating and technically challenging. They are pieces of wearable art which are indefinable as particular garments, preventing them from being placed into the conventional categories of the fashion industry.
Burke’s A/W 2011 collection consists of sculptural accessories and armour like body pieces which seem to captivate the human body. Ιnspired by a series of images called ‘Beautiful Pictures’ by the disabled artist Nicola Lane along with the collaboration with photographer and film director Andreas Waldschütz led to the creation of META.MORPH.

Atelier Loukia
Atelier Loukia

Greek Designer Loukia will present a part of her A/W 2011 collection during the backbone of 4FASHIONSHAKE III. This collection will also be presented on July 2011, during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week organised by ‘Federation de la couture francaise’ in Paris.
With this new collection Loukia attempts a creative flashback in the process, the materials and lines. Without turning her back in the past, Loukia creates images based her past and lead to the future, while the mixture of materials creates a journey from light to darkness.
Loukia’s atelier has come a long way in fashion and creativity, and her work has been presented in Paris, Tokyo and Moscow.

Ioanna Kourbela
Ioanna Kourbela

Ioanna Kourbela draws inspiration from the water element, Her Spring Summer ’11 Collection titled ‘H2O’ will be presented through a fashion film and a live model performance.

May Roosevelt
May Roosevelt

4FASHIONSHAKE’S III campaign music is written by May Roosevelt, a thereminist who has collaborated with both Greek and international established musicians.
May Roosevelt’s latest album ‘Haunted’ draws inspiration from Greek traditional music rhythms to contemporary dance music. The result has led to a total of 8 musical pieces, based on 8 different traditional dances, in which beats set the rhythm while they are combined with synthesizers and vocals. In this way May Roosevelt attempts to embed anew Greek musical idioms within contemporary music while retaining all their respectable characteristics.

‘all originals’ after party by adidas originals
Adidas Originals party

4FASHIONSHAKE III will be concluded with an ‘all originals’ after party by adidas originals.
DJ Set by DJ ‘I Love Me’ aka Constantinos Kalfakakos
Cocktails by ABSOLUT