BRIGHT XII Tradeshow: Streetwear Skateboarding Sneakers


BRIGHT XII Tradeshow for Streetwear, Skateboarding and Sneakers -or the three S- was quite the place to be in Berlin, between 20 and 22 this January.

In House 18 in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the BRIGHT TRADESHOW presented an all-round overview of contemporary street fashion, sneakers and skateboarding during Berlin Fashion Week. Around 300 international exhibitors and 11.400 international professional visitors were welcomed at the former Stasi Headquarters in Berlin.

The location

But apart of the business, BRIGHT combination of fashion and street art, skateboard culture and socialising was what made our trade show so special. Skateboarding was shown at its best indoors at the “Enchanted Forest of Relentless” and the “Relentless Mini Ramp”.


At the BRIGHT ART AREA fifteen worldwide artists and galleries presented their exhibitions on an area of more than 500 m². And then of course there was BRIGHT BAR at Torstraße 116 and the long-expected BRIGHT DINNER. Constant flow of champagne was ensured.


The rumour mill was churning with the gossip that some bright new changes would be heading for Berlin-Lichtenberg this coming summer from 7th till 9th of July. Now you know.