A different Apple Store, full of apples


One of UK’s oldest food markets, the Borough Market, created a different Apple Store during previous weekend, which had nothing to do with cell phones, gadgets and ipads. The Real Apple Store was made to host an exhibition of different kind of apples. It may looks like Britain goes after U.S., and the Fries exhibition in New York. As for the concept, the only thing they had in common was the fact that they were showing food products, which are iconic for each country’s culture. The Borough Market reported “This country’s love affair with the apple is no secret – we have been eating apples for centuries. However, there are some varieties under threat and we risk losing the diversity of this delicious fruit”.

Celebrating the market’s 1000 years in Southwark and the annual Apple Day as well, marking the end of the harvest season, they created a Real Apple Store, in which more than 1000 of the oldest, rarest and most loved British apple varieties, have been hosted and showcased. Varieties included the inattractive Knobby Russet, which is covered in knobbles, also the Robston Pippin, a favourite of Charles Dickens and the world’s oldest known apple, Court Pendu Plat, which was introduced by the Romans.

* Words by Kristel Liakou